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McCoy’s Florida Honey is produced by bees that have been placed in an area with a high concentration of the intended floral source. The bees are left in this area for the length of the bloom where they will produce honey. When the honey flow comes to an end, the bees are then moved into a new area according to nature’s timeline. To produce one pound of honey the bees must fly to 2 million flowers and travel over 50,000 miles.

Color, Flavor, and Form

Honey differs in color and flavor depending on what blossoms the honey bees visit in search of nectar. Honey color ranges from almost colorless to dark amber brown and its flavor varies from delectably mild to richly bold. As a general rule, light-colored honey is milder in taste and dark-colored honey is stronger.

Our Honey

  • Orange Blossom– A very sweet honey with a hint of citrus flavor, produced by bees placed right in the orange groves.

  • Palmetto – A light amber color honey with a mild Florida taste produced by bees placed around the saw palmetto flats.

  • Wildflower – A unique blend of late summer honey produced throughout south Florida to create a rich dark amber honey that is full of flavor.